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CU Direct Connect (CUDC) offers a unique opportunity for CUSOs and credit unions to manage and own their indirect lending program. CUDC’s current product and service offerings include: CUDC’s Business Model with Consulting Services, an Indirect Lending Loan Processing Service, Auxiliary Indirect Lending Software Products, and an ASP Model. CUDC joined with CULA, to market our indirect leasing program to the Colorado market, in November of 2005. CUDC’s eight hundred auto dealerships and fifty-three credit unions provide CULA an incredible opportunity to capture market share.

Pat Mueller

Mueller is an insurance broker specializing in Residual Value Insurance, GAP and CPI. He established himself with CULA by signing a marketing agreement in 2001. Since then, he has brought two clients to CULA and continues to introduce his client base to our company. He has been instrumental in the relationships between CULA and Toledo Area Community CU, CU Direct Connect and Coastline FCU.


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