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Below are our helpful lease brochures. Click on the title to open a brochure in a PDF format. If you would like us to send you a brochure in the mail, or give us a call: 800-878-5400.

Welcome Brochure - Understanding your Consumer Vehicle Lease (PDF) – this brochure describes in detail, important information regarding your consumer lease with CULA. It includes Commonly Asked Questions, a detailed explanation of each section of the lease agreement, insurance requirements, vehicle maintenance, excessive wear & use, and what to expect at lease end.

Lease End (PDF) – this brochure describes in detail the process of turning in your leased vehicle. It covers the timeline of turn in, preparing your vehicle for inspection, the inspection process, and how to physically turn in your vehicle. There are some specific requirements of you at lease end, so be sure to read this information in its entirety!

Wear and Tear Template (PDF) – this is a template that describes what wear and tear charges may be applicable on your vehicle. This template will answer many of your wear and tear questions.

Vehicle Turn In Receipt (PDF) – your vehicle is not considered turned in until we have received a signed copy of this document from you. The document must have the final odometer reading of your vehicle at the time of turn in. It is recommended that you have the individual receiving the vehicle sign the form and include his or her contact information. Simply fax it to us at 619-516-3910. Or you can scan the document and attach it to an email. to send us an email. Please attach the Turn In Receipt.

Turn In Checklist and Webform – this is a list of questions we will ask you during your
turn in phone interview. It’s always helpful to familiarize yourself with these questions.
If you’d like, fill in the form and submit it to us. We can review your answers
prior to calling to discuss your options. And, if you prefer email to a phone
call, we are happy to accommodate you.


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