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Turn In Checklist Form

The information below will assist you with initiating the turn in process of your lease or balloon loan.

Lease Return:

Please read the Lease End Brochure and Inspection Template located on our documents page. Once you have completed the brochure, please answer the questions below and submit your answers when you are through. A Customer Service Representative will respond to you to review your answers and your turn in process in the near future.

Balloon Loan Return:

Please answer the questions below and submit your answers. This will inform us of your end of loan intentions.  A Customer Service Representative will be in contact with you to review your answers and your turn in process in the near future. Please read the Balloon Loan Turn in Process which will answer questions you may have about turning in your vehicle.  The Vehicle Inspection Template contains very important information about your vehicle condition, so please take a minute to review it prior to your inspection taking place. 

Important: If you have moved or changed your phone number since the origination of your lease or loan it is very important that you let us know. Also, please provide an email to assist us in contacting you (email address is not required, but is appreciated). We do not use your email address for anything other than communicating to you information related to your current lease or loan.  Your email address will not be shared, traded or sold to a third party.

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Your Information

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Lender Information

Credit Union / Bank Name: *

Car Information

Last Six Digits of your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):
Vehicle Year: *
Vehicle Make: *
Vehicle Model: *
Current Miles: *
Has the vehicle ever been in an accident? *
Has the vehicle been painted anywhere? *

If your vehicle has damage from an accident that is covered under your insurance, please have the work completed prior to turn in, using factory parts and paint at a certified repair facility. If your vehicle has been in an accident or stolen, call us right away at 800-878-5400, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. PST.

To your knowledge, is the vehicle in good mechanical condition?*
(ie. No warning lights or mechanical issues)

Should anything be mechanically wrong, or any service / maintenance lights be on, please have your vehicle serviced prior to your inspection.

If your vehicle has a mechanical issue and is still under warranty, please have it serviced immediately.

Lease/Balloon Loan End Options Information

Will you be returning, trading or purchasing the vehicle?

Please be aware that a trade in and turn in are not the same thing. Should you decide to take your vehicle to a dealer to trade in, please call or email us so we can assist you and make sure the correct procedures are followed.

Fee Information

Disposition Fee- Lease – Your vehicle lease has a contractual disposition fee.  (This is listed on the front of your contract in section 2C and the back of your contract in the section titled “Scheduled Termination Liability.”)

Disposition Fee- Balloon Loan – Your balloon loan has a contractual disposition fee. (This is listed in the Borrower's Option to Surrender, provided to you by your lender.)

Purchase Option Fee (Lease Only) – Should you wish to purchase your vehicle for the residual value, there is a purchase option fee. (This is listed on the back of your contract in the section titled “Further Purchase Option Information.”)




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